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What is photovoice?*

"The heart of photovoice is the intermingling of images and words. This blending of images and words is not a new idea. In fact, we humans have used different kinds of images and words to express what we need, what we fear, what we cherish, what we dream of and all sorts of other ideas for as far back as we know. Photovoice is one recent example using this form of expression."(p. 8)


Photovoice is a participatory action research method that employs photography and group dialogue as a means for marginalized individuals to deepen their understanding of a community issue or concern. The visual images and accompanying stories are the tools used to reach policy and decision-makers. The aim of this research method is to improve conditions by making changes at the community level. (p.6)


* (definitions from A Practical Guide to Photovoice: Sharing Pictures, Telling Stories, and Changing Communities by Beverly Palibroda with Brigette Krieg, Lisa Murdock and Joanne Havelock, 2009)


For this photovoice project, I really wanted to have some insight into the world of humans in New Mexico. The guiding questions were:

  1. What things in your daily life allow or assist you in doing the work you do?

  2. What things give you the fire and drive to keep pursuing this sort of work? 


This is an ongoing project and if you are in New Mexico and would like to contribute see the submit page

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